Content is King

With the publication of my first novel finally on the horizon, I have dedicated the last few weeks of prep time to breathing life into my Facebook Author Page and my blog. Reading my ancient blog posts here, ranging all the way back to the dark ages of 2010, I find the trend for me at the time was content, Content, CONTENT. Today I’m asking myself, what is content? Is it just prose, or poetry or story and dialog snippets? Could my mind produce readable, ‘worthy’ content if its not in a form that I arbitrarily catagorize as literary?
I follow an author by the name of Robert Bevan. Once I’d devoured all the work I could find of his, I quite naturally found myself wandering over to his web page to get updates on new releases and maybe a peek into the mind of the mad-man who created these hilarious characters and situations. His writing resonated with me. It was my gaming group he was writing about. I remember having those same crazy drunken dudes sitting at my table as I tried to run my campaign.
And while reading his latest blog post today, I answered my own question, of course.
The people that come here, and read this, want to experience more of my work, more of my stories, but they also probably want to get to know me a bit better. What makes me tick. A hint or three at how I could create the heroes and villians and twisted plots that I do.
So you have my promise, that between bits and bobs of loquaciousness, I will endeahvor to peel back the covers and give you a bit of insight into who Russ Viola really is.

Ill start with this as it’s got me quite excited:


I also have plans to go back to the gravesite of one of my inspirations this December right before my first novel’s debut.
This is what happened last time I was there:


Hopefully he’ll be thirsty.


The Secret Life of Statues is coming out on December 22nd. Look for updates and links on where to download the ebook here on my blog, and on my Facebook Author Page.

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